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The first type emerged as participants of the counterculture, somewhat disillusioned with its approach and objectives, began to turn to religions such as Hare Krishna (see INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY …), the Divine Light Mission, the Unification Church (see MOON, SUN MYUNG), and the Children of God, which shunned the world and stressed the importance of the expressive, experiential approach to religious truth over against reason and reflection.For a time these movements, highly authoritarian, rigid, demanding, and communalistic, exercised most appeal, sometimes rivalled by the world-affirming Scientology and Transcendental Meditation.Since a high proportion of these NRMs have survived, the overall number has continued to rise.Through the 1950s, the religious triumvirate— Protestantism, Catholicism, Judaism—dominated the American religious landscape.Neo-Pentecostalism for example, attempts to revive the worships of the Holy Spirit.STARK AND BAINBRIDGE – Three different kinds of cults – AUDIENCE CULTS – Least organised and do not involve formal membership or much commitment.Likewise, many NRMs are not religious in the traditional sense.The admixture of contemporary forms of technological innovation, therapy and medicine, economic enterprise, and global organization has given some NRMs a decidedly anomalous profile.

The world-accommodating movements (such as the growth of Christian house churches, and the various restoration and renewal groups) are more concerned with personal holiness and the revitalization of the established religions than with the wider society.Various classifications of religious movements have been proposed by scholars.In the sociology of religion, the most widely used classification is the church-sect typology.Although classification is difficult, one of the more successful is that of R.Wallis, using ‘response to the world’ as the principal distinguishing criterion: this separates two main types: world-denying and world-affirming movements—and a third, relatively minor category, the world-accommodating type.

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Hostile to wider society and expect a high level of commitment.

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