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“Dating 101” articles for women focus on ideas like: what it means to be a woman of God, not letting the fear of divorce stop you from marrying, and how to live as the “weaker partner” in a Biblical sense.

Christian Café has a tab called, “Prayers”, to click on.

Online dating has become a huge outlet for men and women to meet and find love together.The "Click2Talk" instant messenger made chatting to other people very easy to do.I thought that the "featured members" on the homepage was quite a nice touch too.Here are 2 Christian online dating sites worth checking out. One feature is “Dating 101.” Focus on the Family has joined forces with Christian Café and has written some really good material for men and women to read.“Dating 101” articles for the men focus on things such as: pursuing a woman for marriage, looking at dating from a Biblical perspective, and deciding if remarriage is for you.

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