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The American song-writer and singer is a popular personality in the States.

Brandon Boyd was born on February 15, 1976 in Van Nuys, California.

Brandon Boyd ————So a few months back Brandon asked me to make another video for a song off his solo record. Brandon really liked the idea but wanted to use it for C&C. So i said to him “how about we make 2 videos of the same footage.

Some of Brandon's artwork featured on his new website: Brandon, (before his haircut), giving the camera straight Chris Cornell vibes.Brandon Charles Boyd (born February 15, 1976) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, author, and visual artist.He is best known as the lead vocalist of the American Multi-Platinum rock band Incubus.During a recent chat with Billboard, Boyd opened up about working on his next solo album and a number of other projects while Incubus are taking a break.“It’s awesome,” Boyd said, regarding the new solo set.“When you hear it, you’ll probably be reminded of sailors riding unicorns and unicorns farting beautiful gift-making elves and things like that…rainbows, pots of gold…stuff like that.” Boyd added that he’d like the album to come out as soon as possible, but there are some logistical elements that need to be plotted out before the announcement is made.

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